Losing weight can be hard, and keeping it off can be even more difficult. At Westerville Chiropractic and Nutrition, we provide the tools and support you need to thrive in weight management and in life.

We don’t just focus on weight loss or weight management — we address you as a whole person. From deeply diving into your emotional health to helping you make key lifestyle changes, we take every factor into consideration when creating a personalized plan for you.

Why Does Our
Weight Loss Program Work?

Our program combines intermittent fasting, portion control, and low glycemic foods, along with a specific blend of supplements and minerals.

Unlike other programs, ours doesn’t just work because a restrictive meal plan. You’ll work with our nutritionist to a build a plan for your overall health. With weekly coaching and meetings, you’ll have the motivation and accountability needed to succeed.

Our ChiroThin Program
in Westerville

At Westerville Chiropractic and Nutrition, one of the ways we can assist you on your weight loss journey is by offering you the revolutionary weight loss supplement ChiroThin.

The ChiroThin formula consists of amino acids and vitamin B12, which help suppress cravings, stabilize blood sugars, detoxify the body, and improve fatty acid metabolism. But this program doesn’t just provide you with a healthy supplement, it also offers nutritional guidance from an experienced physician. We want to lay a foundation for long-term healthy habits by teaching you which foods to fuel your body with.

Using our ChiroThin supplement in combination with our weight loss program, our clients have lost an average of 20 pounds in 6 weeks. Our program has yielded fantastic feedback and clients are thrilled with the long-lasting results.

Get the Care Your Body Needs

Fasting Mimicking Diet Program in Westerville

When done in a proper manner, fasting has the ability to promote cellular clean-up, stem cell regeneration, and weight loss via fat burning. Our five-day fast program will cleanse your body, remove it of all the harmful substances it had been harboring, and help you lose weight.

At Westerville Chiropractic and Nutrition, we ensure that your fasting is both safe and effective by providing our fasting clients with ProLon®. Fasting with only water can be difficult and have adverse effects on your body and health, but by supplementing your fast with ProLon®, these effects are limited.

ProLon® is considered a fasting mimicking diet because it allows you to eat while your body experiences a fasting state. This product is a supplement that will help you maintain proper nourishment and metabolic health during intermittent fasting cycles.

Fasting Mimicking Diet Program in Westerville

The Nutritional Advantages
of Using ProLon®

Fasting with ProLon® has many advantages, including helping your body maintain a metabolic balance. The supplement will:

  • Support healthy levels of glucose, insulin, cholesterol, IGF-1, and C-reactive protein
  • Preserve lean body mass
  • Promote healthy systolic and diastolic blood pressure
  • Support cellular regeneration and stem cell-based rejuvenation
Westerville Holistic Nutritionist

Our Westerville Holistic Nutritionist

Angela Lutz, our certified nutritionist, provides a passion and professionalism that allows you to succeed in your weight loss journey. Angela obtained her certification of Holistic Health from the prestigious Chek Institute in San Diego, and after seeing how food can affect people’s biochemistry (in both positive and negative ways) she decided to approach nutrition holistically.

With us, there’s no one-size-fits all approach because bodies metabolize foods differently. And on top of that, everyone has a unique relationship with food. Angela believes that holistic nutrition can heal the body from the inside out, allowing for rejuvenation to take place. She is always available for consultations and can answer any of your questions regarding our weight-loss program.

Full-Body Renewal in Columbus

At Westerville Chiropractic and Nutrition, we also offer programs aimed at taking a comprehensive, holistic approach to your total health: our full body cleanse and specialized nutrition programs.

The full body cleanse will help you clear your systems of all toxins and then replenish them with nutrients from healthy, whole foods. This detox will help you build a foundation for a healthy body.

With our Westerville specialized nutrition program, we’ll assess your body’s specific nutritional requirements and teach you how to provide it with the nutrition it needs to function at its very best.

Full-Body Renewal in Columbus

Weight Management
with Westerville Chiropractic and Nutrition

If you’re ready to feel renewed and find a weight loss program that builds you up without having to resort to unhealthy means, contact the team at Westerville Chiropractic and Nutrition. With our personalized weight loss program, you’ll not only lose stubborn weight, but you will also rebuild your lifestyle in a way that is 100% manageable.


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