You Need Support Right Now

Stress/ Fear/ Anxiety/ Depression/ Panic Attacks and Poor Sleep do not need to take a leadership role in your life right now. Whether it's being at home with the kids all day, working from home, not working at all, stressed about finances, not sleeping well - AND probably not eating a healthy diet or exercising enough - is making us all feel worse.

We Can Help You

We've moved all of our nutritional exams and consultations to be available virtually on phone and / or Zoom.  We want to be a driving motivator to help you still eat healthy, help the kids eat healthy, manage the stress, sleep better and just FEEL better.

Donation Based Services

We're doing all of our nutritional consultations on a donation basis until everyone can get back on their feet.  That means if you are out of work right now or struggling financially - you can pay very little or nothing at all (you decide).  If you're still working or have the resources - pay what you think is fair and consistent with the level of value that we provide.  We're here for you!

Get the Care Your Body Needs

What is
Specialized Nutrition?

We’re going to take the time to truly assess your relationship with food. Based on our experience helping other patients reach their goals, we’ve developed a program that teaches practical, safe, and healthy ways to provide the body with the nutrition it requires. We’ll figure out what your body needs and the best ways to get there.

Westerville Nutrition Specialist

At Westerville Chiropractic and Nutrition, our experienced nutrition expert will support you as you work towards your physical goals.

Our certified nutritionist, Angela Lutz, has worked in the field for over 20 years. She has a huge range of experience working with patients with multiple different body types and ages, from many different walks of life. Angela believes that the way that people connect to food affects how we connect with ourselves and the people around us.

Westerville Holistic Nutritionist

A Personalized Approach
to Nutrition

Our bodies have different needs and function in various ways. That’s why each of our meal strategies and supplement protocols are based on a thorough health analysis and digestive assessment.

When you first sit down with our nutrition specialist, we’ll discuss your health history and future physical aspirations. Next, we use a variety of medical testing so we can better understand how your body reacts with, digests, and metabolizes certain foods. Testing we use includes:

  • System Survey Analysis
  • A physical digestive assessment
  • Blood work
  • Saliva hormone testing
  • Food sensitivity tests

We’ll use this information to evaluate which program will work best for you and your body, enabling you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself with our guidance.



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