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Patient Testimonials

Neck Pain/  Headaches/ High Blood Pressure

I am almost at the end of two months of Chiropractic services with Dr. Endel.  I have always wanted to try out Chiropractic services, as I am very prone to knots in my back and tension headaches, plus pain in my right hip. So when the benefit was offered, I jumped on it. Today, I am very glad that I did. 

The knots I get can be small to several inches long often causing incredible pain.  Sometimes, the pain will extend up my back, through my chest, to the point where I am unable to move my arm. 

When I went for my consult, I really didn’t expect to learn anything. However, I discovered that  I have no curvature in my neck which is causing a lot of the headaches. In the two months of  appointments, I have come to really look forward to Tuesdays and Fridays. (Of course, we all love Fridays!)  

Unfortunately, I have had to miss a few appointments and I really did notice the difference. As far as results, I now have very little to no hip pain. The second most impressive thing that I have noticed is in my neck. The back of my neck and the top of my shoulders were very dense (or thick). I have noticed a dramatic decrease in the “chubbiness” that appeared to be swelling or tension; thus, making my neck look thinner and longer! (Who would not love that?) The headaches are few to none as long as I maintain my appointments.  

In addition, I have been taking medication for high blood pressure for a couple of years. I am now taking less medication and my blood pressure has never been better. I learned in my consult that Chiropractic care has been known to help reduce blood pressure. I am hoping that I will someday be able to stop taking the medication.

If you have ever been curious (like I was) about the results of Chiropractic care, take the opportunity to visit Dr. Endel. Based upon my benefits, I give it a thumbs up! 



I’ve had continuing issues with headaches that are often accompanied by dizziness and neck pain for years. Sometimes I can even hear a clicking noise at the base of my neck when I turn my head from side to side. When it got to the point that these headaches were occurring almost on a daily basis, I decided it was time to seek help from Dr Endel. From the very first visit I could tell that he genuinely cares about improving his patient’s lives through Chiropractic care. Since I began treatment four months ago I am amazed at how much improvement I’ve seen. The headaches and dizziness are no longer affecting my quality of life the way they did before.


Middle Back Pain

“Thanks to Dr. Endel I can take pictures again and get in the weird positions I need to get the best shot possible. Feeling like I am in my twenties again and not like I am nearing 80 is awesome! I am very grateful for the care he provides.”


Bad Posture From Sitting All Day

In the beginning, it took me a long time to take the jump and setup an appointment with Dr. Endel and his office for the initial consultation.  I am so happy I finally made the move and went forward with seeing Dr. Endel and his team and wish I made the choice sooner.  My back has never felt so good and my posture have never been so good.  I used to crack my back constantly throughout the day in order to relieve the pressure I was feeling.  After a couple of visits to Dr. Endel, I stopped completely and have no complaints about stopping the behavior, whatsoever.  I also enjoy the excellent massages available from his team of licensed massage therapists.  It is a joy to work with Dr. Endel and his team on my chiropractic health and look forward to each and every adjustment and massage.


Neck/ Shoulder Pain

Hi, Dr. Endel!
As you know, you were the reason Shane was able to go back to work. At the time of his first visit with you, he had been seen by several physicians, had two ER visits and also underwent a heart cath to figure out what was causing his problems. He had been on sick leave for over two months and frankly, both of us were scared that he might not be able to go back to work.

You started adjusting his spine and within a month of your treatment, Shane was back to work on light duty. Within an additional few months of your care, he was back to full duty wearing his 25-pound police gear. We cannot thank you enough for what you did for Shane and for our family!


Kids and Chiropractic

Both my children and I see Dr. Endel, and have for a few years now.  My kids were not in day care, so when my oldest started pre-school, he was constantly sick from about September through April.  He would literally go from one cold virus to the next, with some of the fun stuff mixed in like pneumonia.  Because he had not been exposed as a baby, he caught everything!  We went through this for two school years.  When he started Kindergarten and the cycle began again, I knew I had to do something different, because I did not want him missing school.  My boss had been suggesting for years that I take my kids, so I decided it could not hurt to try!  I started taking the kids and we saw incredible immediate improvements!  Because of the results I saw, and having two other children in school, when I had my youngest child, I started taking her to Dr. Endel immediately as an infant.  I will tell you that she has been the healthiest of all of my kids.

I personally see Dr. Endel about 2 times a week just to keep things in line, and I can tell you that if I have to miss an appointment, I can tell in how I feel.  He does wonders when I am in pain due to something being grossly out of alignment, but even when not in noticeable pain, I just feel better when going weekly.  And best of all, outside of Dr. Endel just being an excellent caring human being and chiropractor, I rarely get sick since going regularly!


Low Back Pain

As someone who does physical work for a living along with playing the drums, Dr. Endel has been a lifesaver for me! Keeping me in alignment weekly and getting adjustments when I do strain my back has been a perfect way to keep me feeling great without drugs or pain medications to mask the problem. It’s pretty amazing to not even say anything and have him diagnosis where I feel strain and to correct this. For anyone looking to alternatives to the usual “take this pill”, I highly recommend giving Dr. Endel a try!



Shoulder Pain

My back has never been better since starting with Dr. Endel. I was always skeptical about going to see any Chiropractor, but I am so glad I gave it a shot. He also helped me tremendously with my shoulder pain. It is always a pleasant experience when getting treated by him.



Lower Back Pain/ Sciatica

Before seeing Dr Endel, I suffered from stabbing pain that would shoot down my leg. I tried Steroids, Anti-Inflammatory drugs and other pain medicine. The next step recommend by my doctor was going to be expensive Physical Therapy. One day, while I was explaining my symptoms, a coworker suggested I try going to Dr Endel as she also had a friend with the same symptoms and after only a couple months she was pain free. I was skeptical, but I thought “Why not”.  After about a month of seeing him, my leg pain was gone, not better, gone! I was able to start playing sports again and got back to the gym, which I had stopped because of the pain it caused me before. He was very educational and always made me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend him to others!!


Heart Troubles

I started treatment with Dr. Endel in the spring of 2009. My neck hadn’t felt right the previous three years since taking a tumble while attempting to dismount my bicycle. I had seen a chiropractor on several occasions, but didn’t feel that the problem was being sufficiently addressed. I became aware of a heart arrhythmia that seemed to be getting progressively worse. Not only was this very disturbing, but perplexing, as I have always taken very good care of myself and my heart had always been quite healthy. Through my search for answers, I learned that arrhythmia could be related to a structural problem. My husband heard a radio program by an upper cervical chiropractor. That piqued his curiosity. I then searched the Internet and started reading everything I could find on the subject. I was amazed at what I learned about upper cervical subluxations and the profound effect they can have on our health. It was then that I knew I had to find out for sure whether this was a factor for me. I learned about Dr. Endel and immediately called his office. I was very relieved that I was able to get in that same day.

Sure enough, my atlas (C1) was out of alignment, and Dr. Endel felt optimistic that correction might alleviate my symptoms. After about four weeks of regular checks and adjustments when needed, I noticed that my symptoms were easing up. I continued treatment and my symptoms continued to improve while my adjustments were holding for longer periods until, finally, the arrhythmia was mostly gone. Then one day during the summer, I slipped on a wet bathroom floor. I didn’t fall, but an abrupt jerking motion helped me catch myself. After that, I felt a lot of tension in my neck and I again felt the arrhythmia. I waited a few days before going back to get checked, but when I finally went in, it was apparent that my neck was out of alignment. I was adjusted, and once again, my heart rhythm gradually became steady. After a couple of months of not needing to be adjusted, I again felt some tension in my neck around the same time that I noticed some arrhythmia. It was only minor at this point, and another adjustment brought the same good results. My neck is holding much better now and my checkups are infrequent, but this is something I will always want to monitor.

After all the distress and worry I went through, upper cervical chiropractic felt like the miracle I was looking for, and I am grateful for the excellent care I have received at Dr. Endel’s office.     — M. G.


Trigeminal Neuralgia

I suffer from trigeminal neuralgia, which has been very painful. Before I started seeing Dr. Endel I sought help through my primary care physician. I was sent to a neurologist and a neurosurgeon. After many tests I was told I am not a good candidate for surgery and my best option was to go on a heavy doses of anti-seizure medication which many side effects. So I decided to try alternative medicine and was led to Dr. Endel after being invited to a talk given by Dr. Endel. Before seeing Dr. Endel my pain level was pretty consistently a 10 on a scale from 1-10. Since I have been getting adjustments the past several months my pain usually stays a 5 and fluctuates up to an 8. I consider this a great improvement and more hope than I received from my options.    — T.M.


Sciatica relief with Spinal Decompression

My sciatica was so bad I could not sleep at night. My lower legs ached and my feet were asleep every morning. I tried Spinal Decompression and it worked wonderfully. After 4 sessions, I could sleep without pain.  — L.D.


Sciatica/ Decompression 

I’ve had four decompression treatments for pain near my tailbone. I’ve had pain on the right side for 2 years. The pain is gone! I’ve started decompression for neck issues and expect great results, too.   — T.W.


Fibromyalgia Relief with Cold Laser Therapy

Prior to your treatment I had suffered for over 11 years with fibromyalgia. I have tried just about every treatment available to try and find relief including chiropractic and massages. I’ve been on so many different drugs and never found that miracle cure. I will admit I was skeptical. I was in severe pain and I was totally thrilled to get so much relief so quickly. My entire back, neck, hips, hands and toe haven’t felt this loose and pain free in years. It’s amazing to have such a simple treatment bring such immediate relief. Thank you so much for helping me gain back a normal life. I haven’t smiled this much in years. I will be forever grateful.” LC I have osteoarthritis in my joints after three treatments I have had remarkable relief. Thank you for improving my life.   — MCH


Low Back Pain and Cold Laser

I could not believe the back pain relief I had after the laser therapy. I was in so much pain I found it hard to even walk. I had 3 treatments and I was able to spend time walking around without pain. I had not had a pain free day for over a year even while I was on painkillers.   — KW


Purification Process

Since beginning the Standard Process Cleanse, I’ve noticed big changes. My afternoon cravings for salty (carb) snacks have vanished. I’ve lost 15 lbs so far! I don’t feel hungry between meals or feel stuffed after a meal.  So far the journey has been great, can’t wait to see where it takes me.    —D.H.

I’ve been going to the office for a month and I’m 13lbs lighter. I’ve gone down 2 pants sizes. I have much more energy and I don’t crave sweets or carbs. I feel great!   —M.G.

I have been coming to the office for the past three weeks for Nutritional support. I am not waking up at night covered in sweat. (the first time in 6 yrs) I am able to climb stairs without stopping or losing my breath. My cravings are gone.  I have more energy and a better outlook on life.   —D.H.