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Preventing Headaches In Kids

How can you prevent your kids from getting headaches?


Number one, hydrate. Kids are notorious for not getting enough water. We see it during the day. However, normally at school, we can gauge how much water they’re getting, because we send them a bottle of water at the beginning of the day.

Number two, just like you have to set yourself up for the right workstation, you have to worry about that with your kids also. So take a look at what can you do to raise the monitor for the kids, or in a lot of times, they’re up here trying to type or work or move a mouse, because their chair isn’t high enough.

Number three, make sure they’re moving, right. A lot of times kids, you know, they’ve got gym class as part of their curriculum.

However, during a normal school day, they’re going to have gym class, they’re going to have several recesses. They’re going to have a lot of other things to be doing. So, what we’ve done with our kids, you know, we have designated times where they’re going outside.

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