First Month On A Continuous Glucose Monitor

It took 30 days for a difference to show up. These are screen shots from the Levels app I've been using since the beginning of the year to track my blood glucose 24/7 and it started out very discouraging.

When I started - I took a week to see how what I was normally eating scored and then began eating a modified Whole 30 Diet. I say modified because I had also taken a food sensitivity test prior to all of this and found out I was sensitive to anything dairy, beef, lobster, barley, bran, gluten, wheat and yeast. Yeast was the biggest surprise - which meant no vinegars, mushrooms, potatoes and a handful of other things. Wow... so what could I eat? It wasn't easy to figure out (and I still am).

The most frustrating thing was that as January went on, I was eating super clean, tracking and trying to improve my sleep, monitoring my HRV, and working out a lot. ANY MY NUMBERS WERE GETTING WORSE. Literally, I had better numbers at the beginning of Jan than at the end. BUT I stayed the course, I had a plan and stuck to it because I knew doing all of those things were healthy and would help.

And just like the calendar flipped at the beginning of Feb - so did my health - and I have the data to show for it now. I continue to do all of the things I mentioned above and I'm seeing improvements. Am I still learning - you betcha. Is every day great? Nope. But here's what I know: my time in target glucose range is over 90% over the last week, my average daily glucose number is continually going going down, my night time glucose was always high and now stays within normal limits, and I'm motivated to keep it up because I see the progress.

I'm lucky that it only took 30 days. For some it could take months. BUT it's worth it. Your health is always worth it. Knowing you're not going down the path of chronic degenerative conditions is worth it. Feeling amazing is worth it. Losing the weight and unnecessary body fat is worth it.

You need to make it a priority. You have to decide to start. You need to have a plan. Most of the things you'll need to do are not hard - they're things you know you should be doing. If you need help - go get it. If I can help- reach out. You deserve to be healthy.



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