Emsella Treatment in Westerville


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A non-invasive treatment for bladder control, leakage, and incontinence.

Many people experience bladder control symptoms as they age or post-pregnancy. A weakened pelvic floor can cause symptoms like an uncontrolled sense of urgency  or urinary incontinence.

This can add stress to your life and have a dramatic effect on your daily routine and hinder your sense of freedom. Our Emsella treatment in Westerville can strengthen your pelvic floor to improve a variety of symptoms—all no downtime and no surgery.

“After I had a baby in July of 2022, I was pretty embarrassed to discover how many different types of incontinence can happen postpartum. I was told by my OB to wait about 8 weeks to see if my problems resolved and ultimately had a check up at 12 weeks so that pelvic floor therapy could be prescribed. I was entirely overwhelmed by how much time I was going to have to commit to pelvic floor therapy and as a new mom I just didn't feel like I was going to be able to do it. Then I found out about the incredible Emsella treatment! I completed the 6 treatment course about 4 weeks ago and cannot believe what a complete change in my quality of life it has provided. I can vigorously exercise with out worrying about leaking, I can hold my flatulence in (about 95% of the time) and I just feel like a vibrant person again.”


1. Consultation

Before your Emsella treatment in Westerville, you can meet with Dr. Endel for a $99 consultation. We'll ensure you are an ideal candidate, establish realistic expectations, and create a personalized treatment plan for you.

2. Treatment

The treatment is very straightforward. You simply remain clothed and sit on the Emsella chair for the duration of the treatment. You will feel your pelvic floor muscles contract as it helps build strength in this area.

3. Results

Clients achieve the best results after multiple treatment sessions; we typically recommend a series of 6 treatments scheduled a few days apart.