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Benefits of Fasting


You’re becoming more healthy, your cells are becoming more healthy. And so some of the benefits compared through these three different types of intermittent fasting were super interesting to me.

The alternate day and the 5:2 both saw very, very similar results in a lot of the categories. So the first one was an overall reduction in body weight.

The average, I want to say 12 to 16-week window, was a 5 to 7% loss in body weight. More importantly, what does that doing physiologically?

So, both these groups, the alternate day and the 5:2, see a significant reduction in blood pressure, cholesterol, LDL, HDL, total cholesterol, and triglycerides.

They see a decrease in fasting insulin. They see a decrease in insulin resistance. They see a decrease in inflammation and they see a decrease in oxidative stress, which means that metabolically, you’re becoming more healthy. Your cells are becoming more healthy.

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