AM Celery Juice

--Written by Lisa B.

After your typical long and frigid Ohio winter, my motivation and energy was at an all-time low by the end of February! As someone who is typically a get-up-and go/early bird, I suddenly found myself staying in bed and hitting “snooze” on the alarm clock unusually more and more often and that turning into a domino effect of no motivation throughout my entire day! Luckily, at the start of March I was driven to implement some sort of new mission in my daily routine that boosts my energy and kick-starts my day, because as the saying goes, “nothing changes, if nothing changes.”

I listened to an awesome TED Talk by Matt Cutts who discusses his effort to try something new for 30 days every single month. It can be a new skill/hobby, diet, exercise, book series…or in Matt’s case, something unique, like a new instrument or meditating. Something to feed your creative side, achieve a goal, and in return have something to look forward to day to day or month to month…just for you! I decided this would be my strategy to beat the winter rut I was in.

AM CELERY JUICING – Celery Juicing is the latest craze that I’ve been hearing about that’s been recently taking over social media…it peaked my curiosity!

Benefits: gut healer, acid reflux support, promotes hydration, concentrated essential vitamins, lowers cholesterol/blood sugar, fights inflammation/calcification, promotes weight loss, skin clearing benefits (acne, rosacea, etc.), migraine relief, and so many others!

Tools: Electric Juicer (Purchased from Amazon: AICOOK Juice Extractor – Model GS-336…affordable & easy to use)
OR Blender (if you’re using a blender, a nut –milk bag would be required for draining juice).

Prepare morning of / No advance prepping
Wash celery
Run celery through juicer – 1 Head of Celery / 16 oz. (You may gradually work your way up from 8 oz to 16 oz from after week one).
Drink on empty stomach
To save time I quickly rinse/clean equipment immediately after use and let the pieces air dry on a towel for the day.

MY EXPERIENCE – I’m now starting week #3 of consistent AM Celery Juicing and can report the following:
1 – WEIGHT: I’ve lost 4 lbs. and have consistently noticed loss of bloat everyday/all day.
2 – SKIN: I struggle with sensitive skin and have recently become prone to redness & breakouts. I experienced a major skin flare-up during the end of week #1 of celery juicing, which is a sign of detoxing! Now, at week three I see a little bit more balanced tone on my face, less dryness, and my forehead has cleared up!
3 – CRAVINGS/HANGRY: Dinner is always at the forefront of my thoughts and day. You can count on my sweet tooth convincing me to have a late night snack too, however, since starting the celery juicing I’ve found a huge curb in cravings and being much less adamant about what I want to eat and when.
4 – ROUTINE/ACCOUNTABILITY: I think how you start your day determines your entire day. To wake up every day with a specific intention and task boosts productivity and your spirit! Seeing such immediate results in my energy levels and bloat made me feel even more committed to continue celery juicing every morning with no complaints. It officially feels like a normal part of my morning routine!
5- ENERGY: I’m waking up more energized and alert in the morning! Typically, I drink one cup of coffee in the morning and one in the afternoon after my lunch. Within the first two days of my morning celery juicing I stopped thinking about that PM caffeine pick-me-up and gradually noticed the afternoon slump/wall was no longer. I’m now happily sipping my one cup of coffee a day thirty minutes – hour after my AM celery juice!

Let me know if you've tried celery juice in the morning or what your favorite juice is?




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