At Westerville Chiropractic and Nutrition, we know that losing weight can be difficult. Making the lifestyle and dietary efforts to lose weight, but then witnessing no results, can be disheartening, discouraging, and depressing.

But we want to make the weight loss journey easier. For over 20 years, our nutritionist, Angela Lutz, has learned plenty of weight loss secrets, the three most important of which we’re going to share with you now!

  • Sometimes, “Clean Eating” Isn’t Good Enough

How Food allergies affect weight gainWe all know how important it is to fuel our bodies with healthy, whole foods. We recommend cutting out foods with high amounts of BPA, trans fats, mercury, and refined sugars. Clean eating, where you refine your diet and only fill your body with the good stuff, will undoubtedly have a positive effect on your overall health. But what if you’re not losing weight?

The harsh reality is that sometimes, clean eating isn’t enough.

Our bodies are unique, complex, and react differently to various foods. If your clean diet isn’t producing the weight loss results you expect, it’s possible that you have a food allergy.

Food allergies are not always detectable from the surface. Sometimes, an exposure to a food can cause anaphylactic shock, and other times, an allergy can cause the food to be digested in such a way that causes weight gain.

At Westerville Chiropractic and Nutrition, we run tests for 168 different food allergies so that we can determine if your weight loss goals are being hindered by a food allergy you didn’t even know you had. We’ll also develop a meal plan that supports eliminating and reintroducing the based on severity.
how zero sugar causes gaining weight

  • “Zero Sugar” is Worse Than Sugar

You can gain pounds of additional fat by just eating “zero sugar” foods.

When a “zero sugar” product enters our bodies, the chemicals used to make that product taste just as good — aspartame, for example — as a product that contains sugar are labeled by our bodies as dangerous.

Because the body believes the ingredients of the “zero sugar” product are dangerous, it attempts to protect you by storing them in the worst possible place: the fat cells.

Fat cells aren’t evil, they’re actually designed to absorb toxic materials and help protect our bodies. This is incredibly helpful — unless we’re commonly ingesting foods that are high in chemicals and toxins.

When you’re filling your body with “zero sugar” foods, your fat cells absorb the product, swell, and consequently, you gain weight.

  • Ease Up to Move Forward

impact of stress on weight lossThe mind, body, and spirit all work as one. So, when your body isn’t performing at it’s best and you can’t figure out why, sometimes you have to look toward other elements of your person for answers.

Experiencing stress, trauma, and anxiety can have a direct impact on your weight loss efforts, causing your body to experience a spike in cortisol. Cortisol prompts an increase in insulin, leading to the production of a hormone that increases blood sugar.

Basically, when you’re stressed about losing weight, it’s going to be more difficult to lose weight.

We’ve found that changing both your mental and physical state can be easier accomplished when partnering up with someone who can provide encouragement, support, motivation, and accountability.

Your Weight Loss Goals Are Within Reach

Losing weight is more than just starving yourself into submission — it’s about eating the right foods and trusting the right partner to guide you to the finish line.

At Westerville Chiropractic and Nutrition, we’ve helped clients across all walks of life meet their physical goals — and we can help you too. Your weight loss dreams are just within reach. Call 614-898-9195 now to learn about our 20 lb weight loss guarantee!



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